Thursday, July 12, 2012

#29 - Longboarding = New Skill

I bought a new toy... a longboard. I do not know WHAT came over me and brought me to think that this was a good idea. I am not coordinated. I am not agile. How am I going to stay on this thing?!?!?!
I have already taken a go at it... I didn't make it out of my driveway... I had a big fall and bruised my butt... but I kept getting back on.
I watch people who can ride these things and I think that they must have been born with an extra something that gives them the skill to look cool. I watch them weave around.. or carve... as they call it... and for a minute I get all excited and think that I can TOTALLY do that... then I get on my board and well, balance is definitely an issue. At least I had the forethought to buy a helmet as well... somethings I can do right!
Updates to come... I WILL make it out of my driveway!!!! And I will NOT die!

#22 - My First Concert

I did it! I actually got the nerve to play my guitar in public. I found a nice, simple and slow song to play and sing called "Godspeed" by the Dixie Chicks. This song is very sweet and beautiful.
So who was my audience?
My ward had a little talent show and at first I was all in... but I wanted my friend, Calvin, to play the guitar for me. I was not yet comfortable playing on my own yet. Then... Calvin couldn't go... and I was ready to opt out. Even though I was really committed to complete this list, it seemed too soon and I hadn't practiced enough. So I stayed on the fence up until just before the show and I finally had to give a concrete answer. Was I going to perform... or not.
Okay, well y'all can tell that I did actually somehow muster up the nerve to go through with it. I made sure to start out by warning my crowd that they were the first ever to witness the miracle of me, playing the guitar...
I may have skipped a couple of hard chords... and modified the strumming... but I just made sure to sing my heart out, hoping that no one would notice the sub-par string plucking... I really LOVED it. I loved the softness of the music and the ability to express and share a part of myself as I played. But it is NOT EASY. I really do admire those who have the agility to play an instrument and sing at the same time and DO IT WELL! I am so grateful for the great audience, full of friends, who were supportive and made this a true accomplishment!