Saturday, April 6, 2013

#12 - Have a snowball fight - Completed 10/2012

Growing up the "The Valley," which is the mass of cities that includes Phoenix and all of the surrounding suburbs in Arizona, I really did not see a lot of snow. Watching it on T.V. always seemed so romantic and I always thought that those kids were so lucky and I wanted to be them and play in the snow... and get snow days from school... so lucky!
Then I moved to Boston for grad school. Granted, I have seen snow since then and I it was a mesmerizing sight to watch it fall. However, as I entered my adult years, some of the charm of playing in the snow wore off and I was more content to watch it from a window, inside, somewhere warm.
This relationship with snow... a distant appreciation... continued through my residency in Boston, even as the city "blessed" me with enough snow to make up for its absence in my youth. As shown below:

It must be hard to imagine for many out there that I never actually had a snowball fight... not even though I was surrounded by enough ammo to make it epic... My adulthood poisoned me. But I finally needed to address this deprivation, or well, a friend believed it was about time. So after enjoying a nice little meal on a cold evening, we left the restaurant to discover that we were getting the first snowfall of the season. With that little fluff on the ground... I was ambushed... and it began. It did not last long and only a few snowballs were tossed about... but I DID have my first snowball fight! It is finished... I also made a little snowman to commemorate the occasion.

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